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vagina, to be used in a very surreptitious manner
My girlfriend has the best yutch. She brings it over and I can eat it all day.
by snix14 February 21, 2010
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(1: Noun) An old out of touch person who can be a complete Biotch and is lacking in the mental capacity to hold a clear, coherent conversation.

(2: Verb) The action in which one finds themselves possessing some or all of the qualities of a yutch.
"Yo man, did you get our paper in to that yutch on time?"

"Ya man, but she was completely oblivious to the fact that I had even passed it in... just kept speaking at me; recounting for 20 minutes her travels to the east.

Grandpa: "What do you want to do today, hun?"

Grandma: "Maybe go to the mall and tell the kids drinking soda pop 'bout the good ole days, and how much we had to work to get a single soda pop..."

Grandpa:"So the only idea you've got is to yutch about in the mall? Go make me a sandwich, and fetch my diabetes pill too."
by squarebrackets April 14, 2009
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