Derived from combining the words, "Yak" and "Burp". One who "yurps" is typically one who physically cannot burp. Yurps usually occur after consuming copious amounts of brew. Most often, the "yurper" will release the yurp above a sink, toilet, or garbage to be safe. Yurps naturally sound like a cross between a harsh belch and a dog coughing up last night's dinner scraps.
"Dude, I think he's yakin' in your bathroom"
"Nah guys relax, he's just lettin' go some yurps."
"Awhh, good for him."
by CB12345 March 19, 2010
Top Definition
to say whats up, to call on some one, to answer a question
Te: yurp!!
Dez: yo!!
by SexyOne March 12, 2005
a variation of yes or yep used in almost ever sentence by students in arlington virginia high schools.
guy one: yo brehhh, waz gud? u tapped that shit yet?
guy two: YURP!!!
by classyblunt January 31, 2011
to say yes, to be in agreement with
when asked if she was female, the woman said, "yurp."
by Clarissa Dickey March 16, 2006
Yurp is a dumbed down way to say Europe. Once could call a European a yurpian as well. This bastardisation goes hand in hand with the vocabulary spawned by GW Bush.
Last night Bush asked for the help of our allies from yurp to fight trrism.
by Kwyjibo June 21, 2004
A more discreet way of saying jizz.
Person 1: Did you think that girl was hot last night?

Person 2: I almost yurped in my pants just looking at her!
by Dylan Fawcedaddy July 31, 2011
another way to say whats up in Baltimore
by dajuanandonly September 15, 2010
basically another word for ya or yep
did you pay your bills? yurp!
by ben avis February 22, 2009

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