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If your a Yuridiana that means your awesome and a badass!!!You are super smart and also beyond gorgouse.You can make friends easily and well liked upon people.You can also be trusted by many.Also you think of others before yourself sometimes.And nobody will every know the pain you go through everyday.But you put on a smile because your a freaken BADASS like that.Also there is that special someone that you can't live with out and remember that special someone is a keeper and cares for you more then themselves(and I'm taking about that guy).You can't lose him because you maybe meet him already in like middle school or something.But just remember your beautiful,smart,weird(in a cute way),and a one of a kind.And if a guy forgets you then forget him because he lost a gem!!!Well bye Yuridiana you have a wonderful smile and remember to look out in the world and forget about the past.
Smart love beautiful Yuridiana
by Unknown Till Never January 09, 2014
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