a black kid who loves to hang with white people and win their favor
ie: a standing ovation that is wanted

also can be use as a compliment, but most of the times its a deragortory term.
nigga 1: awwwww man im tryna kick it right now and smoke weed.

amani: no thank you sir. i would like to hang out with my friend sawyer and nick and go on a boat and look at white girls all day. my sincere apologies.

nigga 1: aww you is such a fuckin yuppie...lovin them white folks

white people: yaaaaaay amani!!!!

nigga 2: wow thats a fuckin standin ovation. straight up nigga 1
by Diego110 May 02, 2009
To understand the word yuppie, I believe a mini-geneaology is helpful. Many yuppies, during the 60s were hippies who opposed the Vietnam War with their slogan of peace and love. At the beginning of the 70s, this movement died and most of the hippies sold out. The energy and momentum they had created, they poured into the capitalist market, and rather than make love they started to make money. That´s why I believe the term yuppie has connotations of inauthenticity because many yuppies once had a higher ideal; they were playing a bigger game and they traded it in for consumerism.
Boulder, Colorado was one of the epicenters of hippiedom back in the 60s and now it is super-yuppie. It's now called "the rich, white utopia".
by Huachita May 24, 2007
The epitome of the anti-hippie hippie
Look at that yuppie. Hes rich
by Mark October 27, 2004
Young Underpaid Professional
Hate being a yuppie, need to find a new work
by JRhyan September 18, 2010
One word used to define and accurately describe younger to middle-aged adults,
who are self-absorbed.
Those who ignorantly confuse life's natural wonders for monetary security and
popularity. People who place price tags on love and family( ie; I want a big home/
Porsche before I have children.)
by Anonymous July 02, 2003
Sad demographic created in the mid 80's.
Drove Porsches, had mobile phones the size of bricks and pushed the house prices up!
Killed off after the stock market crashed although various off-shoots now exist!
American psycho
by yup-pee May 01, 2003
an achronym for "young urban professional" usually blonde, stuck up, starbuck drinking, SUV driving, Dockers and Speery topsider wearing ass.
"Gee, Biff, look at all the fellow yuppies who are hell bent on joining our Southern California Yacht club"
by Stephanie November 23, 2003

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