A young person who comes from wealth who now is trying to be a free spirit like a hippie but is too lazy to do anything with there life. Instead of working the beg for money and get mad when people don't give them money and tell them to go back home and get a life.
The young guy on bart wearing unwashed but fairly expensive clothing, putting on petula oil. Get a life you Yuppie!
by bartrider July 28, 2011
a moderately or extremely sucessful business person, usually in thier late 20s or 30s (from young urban professional)
Stop bothering me you stupid yuppie.
by Light Joker March 22, 2005
Someone who buys a motorcycle and rides it wearing a t-shirt, shorts and mandals and drives for swift. And/or doesn't eat pizzas.
A guy drives by on a bike wearing the yuppie "uniform"

Person 1: fuckin yuppie

Person 2: Yea MAAAN!
by Blazer Beast April 20, 2010
a black kid who loves to hang with white people and win their favor
ie: a standing ovation that is wanted

also can be use as a compliment, but most of the times its a deragortory term.
nigga 1: awwwww man im tryna kick it right now and smoke weed.

amani: no thank you sir. i would like to hang out with my friend sawyer and nick and go on a boat and look at white girls all day. my sincere apologies.

nigga 1: aww you is such a fuckin yuppie...lovin them white folks

white people: yaaaaaay amani!!!!

nigga 2: wow thats a fuckin standin ovation. straight up nigga 1
by Diego110 May 02, 2009
A word used by ignorant, unclean, uneducated people to describe people who are successful, clean, care about their health and the environment.
"Look at that yuppie shopping at Trader Joe's.. he thinks he's better than me because he buys organic food".
by LoveMyOregon November 05, 2008
The official word to describe the Southerners that contradict to the northerners, also known as the term ‘Yankee. ’
That Yuppie's got pointy tits!
by uhmm3roughndsc July 18, 2010
To understand the word yuppie, I believe a mini-geneaology is helpful. Many yuppies, during the 60s were hippies who opposed the Vietnam War with their slogan of peace and love. At the beginning of the 70s, this movement died and most of the hippies sold out. The energy and momentum they had created, they poured into the capitalist market, and rather than make love they started to make money. That´s why I believe the term yuppie has connotations of inauthenticity because many yuppies once had a higher ideal; they were playing a bigger game and they traded it in for consumerism.
Boulder, Colorado was one of the epicenters of hippiedom back in the 60s and now it is super-yuppie. It's now called "the rich, white utopia".
by Huachita May 24, 2007

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