someone who is two in to them selves and the nature, who drives there hybrids around every where and drink 8 dollar coffees and are to cool for non environmental people also known as a city boy. A yuppie is also afraid to get there hands dirty (have a actual job) or go to the woods and camp or hunt!!
a pussy ex. yuppie
by heartoregon503 November 16, 2011
a yuppie is a rare crossbreed of yak and guppie
steve: "you would like turkey bacon you yuppie!"
Made famous by yours truly, Yuppie can be used in many way. It can be used as a replacement for yup, yes or yea. Yuppie is a word you add to a sentence randomly to make people think you're happy and awesome. What's the first thing you think of when you say Yuppie... PUPPY!
I went to the park yuppie = i went to the park and it was fun
by tamps-man June 15, 2013
A derogatory euphemism generally used by blue collar workers, the less fortunate, or lazy (generally out of envy) to describe young, educated, medium to high income professionals that enjoy spending the money they work hard for. Usually, the terms McMansion or suburbanite will accompany the use of the term.
College Dropout: "I can't stand that city-- all those successful, suburbanite yuppies with their high payng jobs living in their huge, brick McMansions. GAH! Who could EVER want a life like that?"
by Prosperity July 13, 2008
Young Upcoming Professional Person with "ie" added on the end. Used in the 80's to describe the new breed of professionals who were young, wealthy and generally successful in business.
Anyone with decent clothes, mobile phones, and blackberries are considered to be yuppies.

The Rodney Trotter from Only Fools and Horses was a yuppie
by Me, Myself & I December 23, 2006
a moderately or extremely sucessful business person, usually in thier late 20s or 30s (from young urban professional)
Stop bothering me you stupid yuppie.
by Light Joker March 22, 2005
A young person who comes from wealth who now is trying to be a free spirit like a hippie but is too lazy to do anything with there life. Instead of working the beg for money and get mad when people don't give them money and tell them to go back home and get a life.
The young guy on bart wearing unwashed but fairly expensive clothing, putting on petula oil. Get a life you Yuppie!
by bartrider July 28, 2011

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