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A yummy mummy is a mum who takes care of her wellbeing. She takes regular time out for herself and fills her life with people who inspire, motivate and support her.

A yummy mummy does not judge other mothers, but shows kindness, compassion and cares for others.
I'm a Yummy Mummy. I always have time for ME.
by YummyMummyNZ October 16, 2010
26 42
Sexy young mother, usually latin, who'll break your heart.
That Yummy Mummy don't need a Suga Bear, just step back and let her find whatever she needs to make herself and her kids happy.
by S.Bear..& Baby November 22, 2010
4 23
An attrative mother who is usally married to a rich man. She spends most of her days shopping, getting her nails and hair done, at coffee with friends and watching Oprah,while her childern are at day care and her husband is at work. Often extremely spoiled and have not worked since thier childern were born.
Posh Spice aka Victoria Beckham
by ambi August 16, 2004
58 86
yummy mummy 1.(n). A middle-aged woman
worthy of a good seeing to, eg.
Helen Mirren. 2.(n). A young mother with a
fantastic arse pushing a buggy.
I love to tap yummy mummies.
by C February 24, 2004
29 58