Yummy a synonym for preppy but with slight more extreme and negative connotations. Being yummy also extends from someone's clothing to their entire personality.

A person is Yummy if they are always on their best behaviour, dress way to conservative and never let go.

Matt: Look at that preppy tightarse!
Phil: Yeah that is one Yummy mother fucker.
by Anon00768 November 13, 2006
Erwin Tejos! Very sexy, sweet, kissble, lickable man.
"Can i eat chu yummy?"
by Emely May 03, 2005
Wen a HOT guy weres a tight blue shirt that makes me so horny i want to rape him.
wen SCUBA STEVE weres that friday shirt i creme my pants cause its so yummy.
by ilovewhiteboys scubas my fav November 30, 2004
To fart in someone face. This assault is often preceded by the attacker rocking back and forth on their backs to encourage the fart and announcing ones intentions....
Jeff: (Rocking on the ground) "2 Minutes until Dino gets a yummy!"
by dj110 April 06, 2006
chillest and illest club at the peddie school......
fruit salad, yummy, yummy!
by holla November 30, 2003
Used constantly by people too stupid to spell delicious, delectable or other definitions for food.
" Looks yummy", she repeats over and over again on Facebook.
by Ousted April 18, 2016
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