(adj.) delicious

(adj.) attractive prospective sexual partner

(Retort) To any instructive insult involving eating or licking, the sarcastic reply of "yummy" may be used.
Cakes are yummy

I am yummy, come and get me girls.

A: Eat shit and die

B: yummy

A: Choke on a dick

B: yummy!
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 09, 2004
The new term for "tight", "sweet", "cool" and "awesome". It owns you....
Also, can mean someone is sexy, such as Julian Casablancas, Daron Malakian, Sid Vicious, etc...
Or it just means something tastes good.
1)dude: hey, we're going to play some black sabbath!
2)me: Julian as a cop is my fantasy..he is so yummy...
3)me: Dylan, you're yummy!
by stray August 18, 2004
Something you say after eating a girl out.
Yummy, that was good!
by Mega Pimp November 20, 2003
Another way of describing younger but incredibly sexy girls
The juniors aren't sexy yet, but they're real yummy
by B.O.G. October 23, 2003
What Mainers say if someone else is on their channel on the CB radio
"Looks like we got a yummy here ayuh"
by D. Hunter March 20, 2005
The equivalence of cool, but for generation Z.


A flattering reaction to "tonsil hockey".
Oh my god, did you see Noel today? She's soooo yummy!


Bobby: I see you've met my tongue.
Suzie: Yummy!
by J January 20, 2005
My girlfriend's vagina or ass.
by Jenna's lover October 21, 2003

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