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A young, sexually attractive mother. There is an important age distinction between a yummy mummy and a MILF. Yummy mummys are younger than 30, while MILFs are older than 30.
Dude, I pulled a hat trick! First I banged that sweet 19-year-old yummy mummy Leslie, and then I did her mom--that MILF Heather. Worship me, for I am god!
by SkidMarkyMark July 13, 2006
An attractive, healthy, and very sexy mother! Usually a young woman or sometimes a really gorgeous and hot middle aged mother. Yummy mummies usually wear trendy clothes, have great hairstyles and always look fabulous.
Isn't that woman a hottie? She's a yummy mummy!
by blahblahblah February 14, 2005
Glamorous girls who shop and lunch their way through pregnancy, proudly displaying their little bumps like the latest designer handbag. They generally see pregnancy as an opportunity to buy a whole new wardrobe with a team of personal shoppers on hand.

Yummy mummies disguise bleary eyes with Gucci sunglasses and recommend pregnancy to female friends as a fabulous way to detox.

Of course, they are sensible, and understand motherhood means making sacrifices, like and reducing the 90mm heel on their Prada shoes to sensible 65mm.
Kate is such a yummy mummy.
by boybeeps May 17, 2006
A mother who is interested in looking after herself as well as her family while taking pride in her appearance. She doesn't have to be gorgeous just a little interested in being mildly fabulous!
There is nothing a yummy mummy likes more than leaving the kids with dad and taking off for a pedi and a mini manicure.
by gnabunne August 12, 2006
An attractive older woman or an attractive mother. See also MILF.
"Have you ever been to her house? Her mom's a total yummy mummy!"
by VAKI5 May 07, 2005
a sexy mom, basically a milf...a mom who is attractive and "yummy"
"dude his mom is so hot, such a yummy mummy!"
by geegee June 29, 2003
Sexy young mother, usually latin, who'll break your heart.
That Yummy Mummy don't need a Suga Bear, just step back and let her find whatever she needs to make herself and her kids happy.
by S.Bear..& Baby November 22, 2010
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