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To describe what is both yummy and delicious.
Is that tea yummilicious?
by Jtsunami August 06, 2008
19 6
For something to be yummy and delicious at the same time.
Apple pie = yummilicious. "That dinner was yummilicious."
by Devin Grant March 01, 2008
14 5
extremely delicious, usually to the point where the person or persons begin to constantly crave the article that tastes so good.
When I had Leia try pho she thought it was so yummilicious that she began to eat it everyday for lunch and dinner for weeks!
by Guy Mavinelli August 30, 2010
7 0
When food is so more than yummy and beyond delicious so it is yummilicious.
Don's Apple pumpkin soup is yummilicious
by Happy hippie chef November 10, 2011
3 0
Definition: Make them taste-buds crazy.
that nerd rope was yummilicious!
by ShnabbyTheMouse October 28, 2008
3 6