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a load of squirted cum; jism.
She always swallows, she loves yum yum.
by Steve Klein September 07, 2004
A females genetalia.
He stuck his dick up my yum-yum. Super sweet.
by Daphne May 02, 2003
A late night bet preformed in a college dorm room where one male sticks his tongue briefly in another male's butt crack for the sum of $65.00
That was crazier than the time your roommate gave a yum yum!
by Buck Nasty Athlectics August 27, 2007
1.Lick the butthole of your sexual partner.
2.The name of the female's butthole area.
1.She's so hot, I would totally yum yum her.

2.Last night, I blasted a load all over her yum yum hole.
by Anne H. Geraghty December 18, 2007