A female character in the Gilbert and Sullivan masterpiece The Mikado. The role of Yum-Yum should be sung by a soprano.

Yum-Yum is the beautiful young ward of Ko-Ko, the Lord High Executioner, and she is preparing to be his bride when she reunites with Nanki-Poo, a childhood friend and the son of the Mikado, and falls in love with him instead. During the opera, Yum-Yum is distressed by not being able to marry her beloved, until finally Ko-Ko releases her from the engagement because he has fallen in love with Katisha.
Yum-Yum sings quite a bit during the midsection of the Mikado, but her biggest solo is "The Sun, Whose Rays."
by Pitti-Sing June 23, 2006
to get head from a girl.

to suck on a guys chicken
ayo girl let me get that yumyum.
whats up with the yumyum.
gimme some yumyum.
damn that bitch gives some good yumyum.
by bballer22 January 26, 2011
High quality cannabis buds.
T.J. says "Hey Patrick, do you know where I could find some yum yums?"

Patrick says "I sure do T.J., come over."
by HeinerMcShmeiner July 26, 2010
1. A chick who gets paid to make u say YUM YUM!!!...
2. a woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money; whore; harlot nd prostitue.
by CUCAMUNSTER July 31, 2011
A desireable part of the body used in the act of sexual activity.
baby gimmie some yum yum's :P
by The_Gun_Man November 21, 2009
1: said to a hot girl showing that you think she's hot 2: a hot girl wearing tight clothing
Hi, you look very yum yum today.
by Bubasaur November 16, 2010
another name for your cash and prizes, hine, apple bottom, or tits. just another lame word to describe your guy and girl parts.
all you do in class is look at my yum-yums, sicko.
by uhhh, right January 20, 2009
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