A word used to express that something tastes good.
That cake was good. Yum.
by MetaPaladin October 31, 2003
The food that makes you scream WHeeeeeee
Your Mom said Yum after she ate my peach
by yummy bummy March 26, 2005
delicious food, scrum

Please Note: This word is very versatile and is meant to be used in such a manner.
I want some yum.
Let's go to Tristan's and eat some yum.
BLV makes the best scrum-yum in the whole forest.
by Ry-Chi October 08, 2004
An interjection used to describe one's need for something, want of something or sexual excitement from something.
Yum! That chick has a nice ass.
by stupid May 30, 2004
A very unattractive person who thinks they are the bomb when they really aren't. They usually have no teeth and hair talking bout "Yo whats your name" up in the club knowing they have no money to buy you a drink!
A Bremerton Navy Man up in the old South Pacific, asking you to buy him a drink! This would be a yum.
by Yummy Mommy July 10, 2008
used to describe a feeling of anticipation or excitement.
Boy 1: Yo, i'm gonna have a huge party this weekend.
Boy 2: Kegger??
Boy 1: Of course.
Boy 2: Yum.
by Pensky May 07, 2006
A random word that shows indifference. (In other words, you tell me about your day, I don't care but I have to say SOMETHING.. That's where yum comes in!)
Justin: I talked to Ashley today.. We got in a fight and she told me that I was worthless and a bad boyfriend and my hair is ugly and etc. etc.
Me: Yum!
by Lindzee May 14, 2004
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