an affectionate term for a friend or someone of the opposite sex you find attractive
female me: hey yum, hows it going
female friend: meh im doing alright, a little tired

hot male friend: hey lady what are you doing tonight?
female me: oh hey yum, no plans. you up for something?
hot male friend: sure give me a call later
by delores haze November 20, 2005
A word many won't have heard since they were in nursery school.

However, in backward parts of the UK, there was once an Escort Cosworth which was registered with a numberplate which ended in these three letters... therefore, completely rationally, the car which had this numberplate was referred to as YUM, by fully grown adults.
Awiiiite guvnor, apples n pears, turkish baaf... 'ow did YUM get on at Brunters?

Mate, can't adam'n'eve it, YUM never 'it 200mph today either boss... and when me old china parked up... we saw a small elderly gent chuckle before he was driven away in his big boostin white Saph Cossie? Ye get me?
by RS Grant June 25, 2010
Acronym for Young Urban Minority Sluts.
Those dirty little yums from Brunswick love to slob the knob.
by purplehelmet July 16, 2003
a funny alternative to the word cum
used sometimes by kids to avoid parents noticing what they are talking about
Hey Jim remember that chick with the yum in her nose
by ras17 February 13, 2009
Used to describe tasty food in a verb form.
"My pancake yums!" or "That cake? It yummed!"
by dragophelion August 17, 2007
Yums is Style and also a word that mean anything that fly,fresh,outstanding, or like no other, or 1st to have it, also just cool to say
Boy on the street"Ay man i see you got that new stuff on"
Fresh boy"its my yums"
Boy on the street" yeah we got to stay fly"
by YoungAce February 25, 2008
Yellow Dog Updater, Modified

Yum is a great CLI application, with GUI front ends, similar to Apt for RPMs that makes updating, getting information about, installing and removing RPMs easy. It's used by Yellow Dog, Fedora Core, and RHEL (and possibly more distros I do not know about). When you install something via Yum, Yum automatically downloads and installs all dependencies of the package you want if you don't have the dependencies, putting an end to dependency hell if the package you want is in your Yum repositories.

A great Yum configuration file for the most recent stable Fedora Core that adds great repositories can be found at
I escaped dependency hell for Frozen Bubble by using Yum :)
by a thing June 11, 2005
Adj. {1} Pleasurable taste
{2} used when speechless because of Johnny Depp's gorgeousness

See also tasty
{1} That glazed doughnut was yum.
{2} *Sees picture of Johnny Depp* : Yum
by strawberrybumfluff February 18, 2005
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