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Adj. {1} Pleasurable taste
{2} used when speechless because of Johnny Depp's gorgeousness

See also tasty
{1} That glazed doughnut was yum.
{2} *Sees picture of Johnny Depp* : Yum
by strawberrybumfluff February 18, 2005
48 73
A word used to express that something tastes good.
That ass looks good. Yum.
by YummY February 14, 2004
267 177
an affectionate term for a friend or someone of the opposite sex you find attractive
female me: hey yum, hows it going
female friend: meh im doing alright, a little tired

hot male friend: hey lady what are you doing tonight?
female me: oh hey yum, no plans. you up for something?
hot male friend: sure give me a call later
by delores haze November 20, 2005
249 174
A word to describe something that is sexi, delicious, epic, or awesome.
Nicole: Omg we should have a sexi party
Jenn: Totally! Yum!
by Jenni-chan February 09, 2009
100 55
This hot sneaker that comes in a variety of different colors. Made by some graffiti artist but owned by Souljaboy tellem.
I just bought me some new yums bruh.
by MizzTeeTee April 24, 2008
81 48
A word used to describe how awesome a food can be
Dude! those olive garden breadstickes were yum. i had a foodgasm!
by That one guy 789789789 March 21, 2011
39 23
When you like something or you think something is cool. It is kind of how "sick" was big a while back. Just another word for something you like. You can use it with pretty much anything, and it is great because people think you are crazy. Just have fun with it!
Richard: "Hey I'm having a party at my house want to come!?"

Mia: "Oh YUM! That sounds great!"
by capfc November 29, 2011
24 17
good food
yo, we needa grub on some yums right quick
by hesadumbdumb October 16, 2010
12 5