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penis, wiener, dick..etc
Mason went out last night and got his yuke boomed by michael.
by nuhsuh August 26, 2009
49 33
to puke
throw up
He yuked up the taco bell he had for dinner.
by Anonymous October 13, 2003
55 43
To masturbate for an uncommonly long time. Common in the Canadian Territory of the Yukon to fight off the cold and boredom.
Ryan: Dude, where did Kristjan go? He's been gone for an hour.

Zac: Oh, he's just havin' a Yuke
by PourLesMecs June 06, 2013
10 1
A hybrid word coined together by the words YUCK and PUKE.
An expression of ultimate disgust.
"Yuke! What an ugly sight!"
"Yuke i can't believe what i just saw."
by Carazo April 29, 2008
13 34