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Name of God in Asian mystery/legendary story. It came from a mythical book name"lalakia".
Aston: I order you under name of yuhang.
paladins: Yes, My lord.
by lalakia September 04, 2009
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a superior and legendary human being....for those who read this now...please believe it....haha...watever la lalala
Emily: are?
yu hang: i am yu hang.
Emily: omg (fainted)
by lolipop2 September 04, 2009
6 1
the executive producer of Cui Sushi Co.
Hey Yuhang!!!!

by JomamaUPurDada January 06, 2005
6 2
1. a chinese male with a big nose and girlfriend that scurries like a mouse
2. also known as achilles
3. has a long island accent, very noticeable and thick
4. on a scale of a 1-10 someone with this name would be ranked a value that does not exist
5. a manwhore
Yu hang! you look like a horse because of your big nose
by Mary Ahn January 20, 2009
6 3
some financial planner basterd who lives his life like arnold and never wins at 13, and likes to eat sushi and cockfuck...
He Yuhang!

by jomama March 15, 2005
4 7