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engaging in intercourse with a disgusting, mutilated, or otherwise leprous member of the opposite (or same) sex.
Man, did you see that fat, ugly bitch with one eye and the pegleg? Yeah, I yuck-fucked her.
by Spy December 15, 2003
There are two ways to be a yuckfuck (also known as YF):
1. Doing something disgusting in front of another person (e.g farting)
2. Being gay.
Lachy: *fart*
Aben: That's yuckfuck!
by Welvin Da Great June 12, 2016
Yuckfuck is the term used for two homosexual men having gay sexual intercourse.
DUDE! you like man porn. No way, Yuckfucking is nasty.
by Sqwibble September 12, 2005
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