Derogatory term for a white person; or proper term for a racist white person.

Normally I don't fight fire with fire but I found this one to cut reasonably deep.
Boy what be's you think you's doing up in this here seat?
--Can it Yuck.
by Ten Point Plan March 15, 2006
1. (v) to vomit, barf, blow chunks, toss out last night's salsa
2. (v) a normal male's response after meatin' the skin taco or shakin' the tree
3. (n) the visible, often messy product of either the above actions
1) I just yucked in the barf bucket in the basement.
2) I pulled out and yucked all over the bed.
3) Get that yuck outta here, I'm tryin' to eat.
by Zeke/Hawkins February 05, 2004
another form of a single dollar
Yo son let me hold a Yuck.
Dat nigga owes me a yuck from the bet
by Luse Change December 10, 2004
An acronym for,

Yonder Under Cause klakkitycaidenlovesnicole.
C****n:Hey Rupert, YUCK!

N****e:C****n, I love you!
by MeowMyMix February 17, 2010
alternative for the f word
dang, she's lookin' good as yuck tonight!" "..that's a guy"
by supbrah June 20, 2010

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