Acronym for "you're the man now dog".
ytmnd with that 32-node Beowulf cluster!
by imlepid December 28, 2007
The answer to the ADD culture of today, it is a site that hosts various small, sites that give instant comedic gratification. Stands for Your the man now dog.
Lets look at a few ytmnds before we go!
by nono yawns November 09, 2007
Decent site where you can watch an image/GIF blended with music in a humorous way and get a few laughs out of it.
Guy's comment *after watching a ytmnd*: lol nice ytmnd there
by DudeWho'sJustABitNuts October 23, 2006
Abbreviation for "You the man now, dawg!"
Chris: Uber pwnage, I get to drive my father's car today!!! w00t!
Mark: ytmnd
Chris: lols
by Cleanairbus December 21, 2005
1) Abbrivation for "Your The Man Now Dog"; a site that allows you to make a site which you can put a picture, a looping song and a text. 99% of the sites suck balls. Very few are any good.

2) Possibly the worst forum you can post at.... and I love it.
1) If you going to make a site at ytmnd, make sure it dosn't suck.

2) Go to the ytmnd forums if you want to read mindless post and be offended.
by Dogbert October 03, 2004
YTMND is a small vast, advanced community growing in the petri dish of a stoned 20 year old, in which the petri dish was dipped in highly-toxic materials and fed into a pool of super-heated plasma.
YTMND is like my home. That is, it would be my home if I was abused by radio-active parents who made Napoleon Dynamite their god.
by Kanbo September 01, 2005
1. An abbreviation of the phrase "You're the Man Now Dog"

2. An incredibly pathetic website filled with jokes only 5 year olds would understand. The jokes are typically very immature, with only a few being remotely funny. Sometimes, "fads" are created, which become increasingly stupid over time.
Fad 2: uealuealuealuealuealuea
Fad 3: I believe you have my insert random object here
Fad 4: Conan is...insert descriptory word here
Fad 5: Cheers, to YTMND/Ebaumsworld/etc
Fad 6: Banana Phone
by Sephiroth25 March 21, 2006
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