1) Abbrivation for "Your The Man Now Dog"; a site that allows you to make a site which you can put a picture, a looping song and a text. 99% of the sites suck balls. Very few are any good.

2) Possibly the worst forum you can post at.... and I love it.
1) If you going to make a site at ytmnd, make sure it dosn't suck.

2) Go to the ytmnd forums if you want to read mindless post and be offended.
by Dogbert October 03, 2004
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Abbreviated version of You're the man now, dog!, a phrase said by Sean Connery in the movie Finding Forrester. In the internet subculture, however, it refers to a website in which that phrase is repeated over and over. The site is now host to thousands of similar pages which can range from amusing to disturbing, but are almost always stupid.
"Excuse me, I believe you have my Banana Phone?"
by Bunny of Doom July 19, 2004
1) Abbreviation for Your the man now dog!
2) Funny website, I made some crap there.
Captain, Jean-Luc Picard the USS Enterprise. Awesome.
by ACDC FOREVAR!!!111 May 15, 2004
A popular internetz website founded by Max Goldberg in 2001 using the domain www.Yourethemannowdog.com, using the sound clip from Finding Forrester, a movie about a black kid and Sean Connery. This website quickly spiralled out of control and is currently a picture-sound-text based site where users make thousands upon thousands of fads. Some of the fads are good, most of the fads are absolutely overdone. The real goldmine is in the site, those not shown on the front page.

Example 2: *Due to the mental capacity of the author, there is no Example 2*
by DrMongol March 17, 2006
An acronymn for "You're The Man Now, Dog". Popularized by the website ytmnd.com created by Max Goldberg, which uses juxtaposition of media (such as an image and a sound clip with zooming text) to make fun of pop culture. The phrase was used by Sean Connery in the film "Finding Forrester" and is further defined in urbandictionary.com.
I saw some mad funny ytmnds on the internet about Lindsay Lohan, Tom Cruise, and Captain Picard yesterday!
by Six of Six May 04, 2006
pages with phrases with backgrounds and soundfiles

Relies on donations from users to keep it running

same as EX. www.ohnoes.org www.thepowerisyours.org

You can create your own page if you have a phrase, background, and soundfile.
<guy> hah, ytmnd's rock
<another guy> theyre pretty stupid if you ask me...
by whitetiger16 May 09, 2004
An acronym for the phrase "You're the man now dog!", the infamous line spoken by Sean Connery in the movie Finding Forrester. A website dedicated to that single quote can be found at www.yourethemannowdog.com. That single website turned into an internet phenomenon at www.ytmnd.com. Several spoofs emulating the style of the original YTMND have been made there. An entirely new fad originated on March 4th, 2006, called www.punchthekeysforgodssake.com, taking another one of Connery's lines in the movie and making it into a site, YTMND style.
YTMND: You're the man now dog!
by Thrashmeister April 20, 2006
a website where you can create web pages that either have a still image or a looping gif, and a looping sound (mp3 or wav). The site itself isnt as great as newgrounds or anything, but its pretty good anyways. When a really cool or funny ytmnd page is created, sometimes it will start something known as a "fad". Some fads last as long as a year, or else they might only last a few days or weeks. The site has been running strong since 2001, and there are over 114,000 ytmnd pages already.
Fad 1: oh OH O Oh oh ohhh auauauaohhohh OHHH
Fad 3: What is love!? baby dont hurt me...
*YTMND is down for maintainence*
by Evan Kuhlmey October 09, 2005

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