youtube after taking acid
"Youtubers has cats on treadmills"
by nickDALLAS August 18, 2008
when someone did sumthing really cool or crazy or stupid and you don't have a camera all you have to say is that it's a you tuber
damn larry papini that was a you tuber moment
by larry papini August 03, 2007
one who constantly shows off for publicity as if looking to be posted on You Tube.
Omg Heather, I can't believe you just did that. You're such a you tuber!
by Nick Cole February 12, 2010
Someone who goes onto youtube, watches countless videos, and considers it an occupation.
Occupation - Youtuber (Y)
by Act Like a Clown May 17, 2009
One who youtubes, or is obsessed with youtube.
Man, that person has over 100 youtube videos. What a youtuber.
by ritzel March 02, 2008
A moment in life which qualifies as such high quality entertainment that it should be recorded via video and uploaded to You Tube.

An event expected or spontaneous that is worthy of being shared with the world.
Joey: OMG! I just saw the funniest thing!...2 old ladies in the motorized carts got in a fight at Walmart and started ramming each other!!!!!!!!
Jenny: have to be kidding! Did you video it?

Joey: I couldn't stop laughing!
Jenny: Aww..too bad... that is such a youtuber!!!!
by jayjayjennnay March 24, 2011
A person who has over 500 favorites and has watched more than 10,000 videos on youtube. A.K.A., Matt Thomas.
Matt Thomas, youtuber
by Slave on Dope May 18, 2009

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