Some one who Vlogs (video blog) and post it to youtube. They are usually of people who walk around with a camera. Very entertaining.
YouTuber s are people like:

Gaby TheDinosaur
Shane Dawson

Tyler Oakley

And so on.
by onetimelow December 31, 2013
Someone who makes videos for YouTube as a career.
I love watching her videos online, she's my favorite YouTuber.
by Liz tj February 27, 2015
People that are YouTube and that's their job . Very talented in DIYs , Comedy, gamers, and anything! Very talented.
"I love iisuperwomanii !"

" who is she?"

"She's a youtuber !"
by Yomodernwords January 18, 2015
A "youtuber" is simply one participating in watching Youtube videos. The amount of videos watched or uploaded by the youtuber is irrelevant. A person swimming for the first time in their life is still a "swimmer" at that moment in time, regardless of their experience. They might be a bad swimmer, but a swimmer nonetheless.
"Davis is watching a Youtube video. Davis is a youtuber."
by DavisfromThomas December 20, 2012
One who wastes time watching You Tube videos (particularly when they should be working.) Computer variant of couch potato.
"They gave that you tuber a raise!? Every time I pass his desk he's watching videos."
by namowal October 25, 2008
youtube after taking acid
"Youtubers has cats on treadmills"
by nickDALLAS August 18, 2008
when someone did sumthing really cool or crazy or stupid and you don't have a camera all you have to say is that it's a you tuber
damn larry papini that was a you tuber moment
by larry papini August 03, 2007

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