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Nudity found on youtube that has been posted for instructional purposes, but is many times watched for many other reasons such as: to pass time, because your a perv, or your internet connection is to slow to stream real porn.
Larry: So what'd you do today?
Sam Ho: I watched youtube porn, because my girlfriend checks my history for porn channels.
by racistpenguin October 14, 2009
Extremely soft-core porn catered to, and watched by, 11 year old boys who are just entering into the deeper, darker side of the Internet. Easily accessible through the website YouTube (which wants to sound like a porn site anyway), and usually includes boobs or ass in the thumbnail.
Example 1:

Reminiscent Guy: When I was 11, it was Ryan Higa who got me hooked on YouTube. That, and YouTube Porn. God I used to love those Kate Upton dancing videos.

Example 2:

11 Year Old Kid: Hey bro, did you see that video of that one bikini girl putting sunscreen on that other bikini girl? So hot, right?

21 Year Old Guy: Shit dude, that's some serious YouTube Porn. Have you tried YouPorn or ExtremeTube?
11 Year Old Kid: What?

21 Year Old Guy : *smh*
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by Loberson July 05, 2016
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