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A common phrase used to make fun of all the videos on youtube that feature a song that is ridiculously overused and annoying. Most often 009 Sound System.
*hears drone of shitty techno music*
by g0atm0uf December 22, 2011
009 sound system-Dreamscape.

During the ancient times of 2008, many youtubers needed background tracks or had to be audio-swapped. One of the most common songs ever used was Dreamscape, on 009 sound system.

Many videos can be seen with this music being used. It's on par with 'Blow me away' by Breaking Benjamin , 'Bring me to Life' by Evanescence and 'Through the fire and flames' by dragonforce.
All rise for the youtube national anthem!
by theguythatknowsstuff January 13, 2015
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