Random time when you are by yourself or with friends and are doing silly antics which really should've been recorded. Usually pointless but funny.
Bill: Man, we acted like total dumbasses before!
Josh: Yeah! That was a total youtube moment right there!
by J.mitch May 05, 2008
Top Definition
A moment or short event where you wish you had a video camera with you. The video equivalent of a kodak moment.
It was a perfect youtube moment when Chris tripped and fell down a whole flight of stairs.
by Eric Moller February 06, 2008
An action or event that warrants being shared with millions of people... A modern day version of a "Kodak Moment"...
Paul: I walked in on my brother wearing nothing but a towel singing a justin bieber song...

Mike: did you record it?

Paul: Yep. He never seen me...

Mike: its a YouTube Moment
by Wolfgang239 September 23, 2011
The moment preceeding an event that, recorded or not, would end up on youtube and serve as a hilarious warning to others, likely to cause severe injury and/or humiliation to ones self and/or others.
Right before attempting to ride my bike down a steep hill to break the world land speed record on a bike. I remembered seeing the last brutal attempt on youtube, and realized I myself was in a youtube moment and opted instead to ride to the bar, saving myself from the potential severe injuries and humiliation seen round the world on youtube.
by justplainbob August 20, 2010
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