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(n) when someone leaves a comment on a video on youtube before someone else calls them out for leaving a dumb comment. These fights often frustrate the person who put the vid up.
"Oh yea, I just love it when people have youtube fights on my videos."
by zendawg April 27, 2009
To get into an argument on either through the comments on a video or through personal messages, or through videos themselves. Since there is almost no chance of persuading the other person, the only way to win a youtube fight is to NOT be the person who stops commenting.
I won a youtube fight yesterday because this jackass stopped responding to me
by TheTRUTHtheLIEtheTEARINYOUREYE November 17, 2009
When someone in your office watches a video on YouTube that is silly or strange and you try to respond and top them, you have started a YouTube fight.
"I'll see your Banana Splits and raise you a Jem and the Holograms."

"Dude, I'm busy. No time for a YouTube fight."

by Yet Another Josh Cohen October 21, 2008
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