South Wales Valleys varition of the popular yo momma.
Valleys boy 1: Oh blud that girl is like a whale!
Valleys boy 2:Yeah, and your nan!
by clown1 July 21, 2008
Top Definition
1. An insult used in Coventry (A Place in England)and possibly across the UK but i cannot be sure.. because i got tired of doing "your mum"
Sto - "Ahhh i just shit in your house"
Me - "I just shit on your nan"

Me - "i need a shit, i'll be a while"
Sto - "Why?"
Me -"Cause your nan lives kinda far away"

Me - "Guv, i fisted your nan"
Guv - "My nan's dead"
Me - "I guess that's why she didn't move around alot"

Based on actual events.

by Hazbuk November 01, 2007
"Your Nan" is used as a past tense abrefiation of you mum. Used mostly by the older generations
Person 1:How r u?
Person 2:Your Mum
Person 1:"You Nan"
Person 2:YOur nans mum
by BigLui1 October 24, 2008
A joke like Yo Mama, expect fitted around to mainly suit the English people, meaning Your (correct grammar) and Nan which is commonly used by the Brits/English community. Originated from an Asian (brown) who just randomly said it to someone. Can be used as a substitute for the more meaner 'Yo Mama'. As you can tell from the grammar, this was written by a Brit.
Person 1: Yo Mama's so wrinkly her tits fall to the floor.
Person 2: Duuuudddee
Person 1: Oh right, sorry. Your Nan's so wrinkly her tits fall to the floor.
Person 2: Betterrr

Boy 1: OI! I did your Nan last night!
Boy 2: My Nan's dead...
Boy 1: She wasn't last night!
by yxeshctib November 29, 2013
insulting another relative other than your 'mother' usually used by the likes of Neil Allen and David Taylor. The phrase is most likely to be used when they have nothing better to do or when they feel sexually aroused
'I will always love my nan'
by Hele March 17, 2005
The British way to say "your mom"

In any response to a situation...

ally: yeah. that shirt that trina wore today was SOooo ugly.

jade: your NAN was SOooo ugly!!!

Caree: OHHH snap!
by Caree October 15, 2006
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