TRUE DEFINITION: Meaning that your mom is basically a whore and its calling her one. Get it? Your moms still in college cause she had you when she was 14! A very good insult because most people don't understand it but your still saying it without say anything very inapropriate or bad.
Your moms such a whore shes still going to college.
Your mom goes to college.
by PPheldam March 22, 2006
Top Definition
The best insult ever. You will totally PWN anyone with this retort.
Deb "I'm trying to raise money for college"
Kip: "Your mom goes to college!"

by where am i? March 07, 2005
Originating from the lackadaisy slam, "Your mom." Made crazily popular by Kip in Napoleon Dynamite (2004.)

This term is used basically whenever it is wanted, even if it is completely random or irrevelant to the subject at hand.

That's okay. At least my mom doesnt go to college. She's a housewife.
Ann- Shut up Bob! You suck!
Bob- Your mom goes to college!
Ann- That is so last year.
Bob- Your MOM is so last year. HAHAHAHAHA!
Ann- *sighs and walks off*
by emmelie March 05, 2006
does everything have to mean SOMETHING? no, and this is a good example. that's why the phrase is funny; it doesn't mean anything. it's just kip's dry, meaningless humor.
why don't you just come down here and hit me and see what happens...
just as meaningless as your mom goes to college
by wmucrew September 25, 2006
A fantastic example of excellent taste in insulting one or many other persons, a divine insult with the ability to be used in an situation known to mankind
originating from the insulting term 'your mother'
as heard in movie: Napoleon Dynamite(2004). said by character 'Kip'
Kid: You're ugly fatass!
Kid2: Uhm, you're mom goes to college so why are you fucking with ME?
by GangstaBoiBenjAmIn January 12, 2005
one more wonderful instance of U.S. pop-culture hivethink. may puzzle anyone over the age of 18, and will certainly fall out of use within the decade.

*note from entry-writer: I'm a mom, I go to college, I love Napoleon Dynamite, and I had never 'til today heard the phrase used in conversation.
kid one: (blahblahblahblahblah) kid two: Your mom goes to college! kid one: ?!
by kaelsleeps September 11, 2007
The most retarded insult ever, said by the character Kip in the movie Napoleon Dynamite(2004).
Deb: "Is there anyone else here? I'm trying to earn money for college."
Kip: (In the background) "Your mom goes to college!"
by Fluffyinsanity January 12, 2005
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