My answer to everything.
Teacher: Why didn't you turn in your homework?
Me: Your mom.
Teacher: What do you think your doing, sleeping in class?!
Me:...Your mom.
Teacher: Any questions?
Me: Your mom... I mean, your mom?
by Violetownz January 17, 2008
An insult that can apply to almost anyone at anytime. It is regarded the best insult ever.
Bill: Just Put the book in the bag.
Joe: Your mom put it in!
by Nico April 25, 2005
an answer to any question if you dont know the answer.
Homie: Hey whats 2 plus 2??
Homie#2: Your mom!!
by PuNkY July 15, 2003
Your Mom is the person I had sex with last night.
Your Mom, ask her.
by Ploofy 4 January 11, 2010
Your mom, according to experts of psychiatry; is the fattest, ugliest, hottest, dumbest, most sexually active person in the history of the world.

Also a great conversation ender.
Ex 1:

Person 1: Hey dude, what did you do yesterday?

Person 2: Your mom.

Ex 2:

Person 1: So, Frank Macfarlane Burnet was an Australian virologist best known for his contributions to immunology. He conducted pioneering research on bacteri-

Person 2: Your mom.

Person 1:....

by YER FATHA January 05, 2009
an abstract concept loosely affiliated with notions of the intended audience's maternal figure.

normally expressed as an intended slight on said maternal figure. often serves as indication of the end of a conversation.
X: That is one very fat farm animal.
Y: You're a fat farm animal.
X: I'll show you a fat farm animal
Y: You're going to be a fat farm animal if you dont shut up
X: Oh yeah, your mom's a fat farm animal OHHHHH!
by The Snatch August 06, 2005
The chick I fucked last night.
"I heard you scored some pussy! Who'd you do?"
"Your mom"
by The Tomb January 23, 2008
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