the answer to all lifes questions.
Sara:what grade did you get on your math test?
Sarah:*whispers*i got your mom!
by tooshywhooshy April 30, 2005
An entirely overused phrase, popular among teenagers. Frequently used when speaker is not thinking. The outcome tends to be something like this:
Me: "What are you doing?"
You: "YOUR MOM!"
Me: "That sounded really bad."
You: "Shit."
something you say when you can't think of anything else to say, or if you just want to insult someone without thinking too hard. Can also be varied in response.
guy #1 - "Dude, shut up"
guy #2 - "yeah well, your mom!"
guy #1 - "well uh, <i>your</i> mom!"
guy #2 - "yeah well, your mom's daughter's mom!"
guy #1 - "your mom's mom's mom's grandson's son's mom!"
guy #2 - "your sister!"
guy #1 - "YOU BASTARD!!" *he hits guy #2 with a fantastic right hook*
by silent17 February 22, 2004
When someone says to you, "you mom" they are refering to your mother in a negative manner. For instance, if you call someone a shitface cockmaster. They might reply, "you mom."
Person 1-"You sir, are a shitface cockmaster."

Person 2-"Your mom."

Person 3-"Oh, they're good.
by § July 19, 2004
Ones female parental figure, oftentimes the target of puns.
Your mama so stupid that she threw a rock at the ground, and missed!
by Your mama, obviously. September 17, 2004
can also be used as a witty commentary on a previously provided statement
Example 1:
Person1: silence is golden
Person2: If silence is golden, then me and your mom didn't win a medal last night
Random Person: OOOHHHHHHH

Person1: A good person like you is hard to find, everyone else is a dime a dozen
Person2: Your mom is a dime a dozen
Random Person: HAHAHA OHHHHHH your mom. dude he was making fun of your mom. lets go smoke up
by Roscoed your mom June 23, 2004
two words often put together for when some one asks you a gay or obvious question, or just for fun you can say it after everything some one says and really piss them off. Or just to burn some one. and you need to say OH! or BURN!!!! or somthing gay like that.
gay guy: your so asian
cool guy: your moms so asian
random guy: ASIAN!!! HA!!!! ASIAN!!!!

gay guy: lets play a game
cool guy: lets play your mom
random guy: OH!!!!!

gay guy: you suck
cool guy: your mom sucks... MY BALLS!!!!!
random guy: pwn3d!!

gay guy: what do you wanna do today?
cool guy: your mom
random guy: HAHA HE BURNED YOU FOOL!!!!! FUCK YOU!!!
by The Random guy April 07, 2006

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