when theres a perfect chance to rip into some one infront of his friends
big jock-"hey, im gonno bang your head against the wall, cause im a big stupid jock"

defensless little guy-"and ill bang your mom so hard up the ass that ill knock her teeth out"
by your mom July 11, 2003
the best comeback ever.
"dude get the fuck off my playstation i wanna play with it now!"
"your mom wants to play with it!"
by alittlestreetgurl March 31, 2004
Why you should listen to the teacher in class.
(teacher finishes lecture)
Teacher: Okay now students, you may now begin your work.

Ben (whispering): Hey Chris, what are we doing?
Chris: Your MOM!!
by Nytesdawn October 30, 2012
1)A mindless insult when one has no other comeback.

2) Used in the form of a "Your Momma"
joke (see below)
- "You suck balls, man"
- "So does your Mom"


- "You're such an idiot!"
- "Your Mom!"


- Your Mom is so fat, she got hit by a bus and said, "Who threw that?"
by (c) RiCaRdO July 08, 2004
a word that is used when you don't feel like answering a question that is asked, even if it doesn't make sense.
your sis: dude, what are you watching
you: your mom!

bob: hey, what time is it?
you: your mom!
by texas August 04, 2003
the only universal comeback. only known rebuff: "what is this obsession you have with my mother?"
an interjection, which can be inserted as the noun in every sentence in the english language.
debater one: my opponent is guilty of using a fallicy, therefore...

by Link the Wolf May 03, 2005
1. A part of the progrssion of insults. works best with "a whore"
2. Your female caretaker
Guy 1: its such a stupid movie.
Guy 2: your a stupid movie!
guy 1: your face is a stupid movie!
guy 2: your moms a stupid movie!
guy 1: your moms a whore.
guy 2: GODDAMNIT!!!

guy 1: why dont you get off drinking, man?
guy 2: i have to get off your mom first
random guy: OOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!
by your moms face! December 22, 2004

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