You: Your Mom!
Me: Dude, really??
by kittlyabz January 01, 2012
The greatest comeback in the history of mankind.
Guy 1: You suck at cod. Go kill yourself

Guy 2: Your mom

Guy 1: T_T
by Marcus Pwns Nubs April 25, 2010
Applied to the concept that a mother and her care pretty much defines a person, by making a feeble insult attempting to slander the mother and therefore indirectly slander the person one is talking to.
Guy 1: This movie sucks
Guy 2: Your mom sucks
by Tulip March 03, 2005
a burn that is really funny
Friend:What did you have for supper yesterday
You:Your mom
by Mark Hennessey February 10, 2005
A random come back that doesnt really mean any thing.
Billy-You suck
Kent-You suck
Billy-Your MOM sucks
by Jac Tipe October 25, 2003
a automatic response u say o ur little brother

brother:hey,whats a chode?
me:your mom.......
brother:what time is it?
me:time for you mom
brother:where do babys come from?
me:xbox live
brother:what is an nvidia 7900 GT OC graphics card and an creative x-fi soundblaster with fidelity, with 4 gigs of ram???/
brother:hey whats up?
me:your mom
brother:what are we having for thanksgiving dinner?@?@?@
me:duhh, your mom!!!!!
by kevo24 December 27, 2006
A term commonly used by computer and game techies as a type of insult very loosely used. It consists of a statement turned into a suggestive insult by simply adding You *insert phrase here* your mom. This insult can be thrown back and forth with different objects of the insult with the same phrase.
Dude number one: I was looking at the clock earlier...
Dude number two: You clocked your mom!
Dude number one: you clocked your mom's mom
dude number two: you clocked you dad!
dude number one: you clocked you dog's papa's baby's momma.
dude number two: dude, you just dissed my girlfriend.
by Pixxiespaz January 17, 2006

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