your mom is the only phrase that answers anything and everything someone might say to you.

A: What's up?
B: Your mom's penis

A: I went home sick yesterday
B: I went home with your mom yesterday

A: Pass the salt.
B: Pass your mom.

A: No! I will not have sex with you!
B: Your mom won't have sex with you!
by your mom March 15, 2005
Often used as a quick way to burn somebody
John(staring across the lunch room at some chick): "aahhh she has such a nice ass..."
Me: " What?? is your mom at school today?
by john March 23, 2005
The most versatile dis/comeback ever created in the history of your mom. Usually it has no effect or sense (especially when used in response to your mom or when you're talking to someone's mom), but it's hilarious when you use it right.
1. guy: Look at that fat kid!
guy #2: Holy shit! Is that your mom?!

2. guy: What's your favorite food?
guy #2: Your mom

3. teacher: John, how often does 35 + 34 = 69?
john: As often as I 69 your mom every Friday night.
teacher: John! Go to the office, I'm calling your mom!
john: No, I'M calling YOUR mom.
by That ballin' kid January 09, 2007
An annoying remark to piss you off. Don't let it. Come back with something to make them speechless.
Guy: So what are you doing today?
Annoying Kid: Your mom!
Guy: Yeah, well your mom has herpes, tell her I'm sorry.
Annoying Kid: ...
by Highly Evolved March 28, 2005
Retort to a negative comment. Often followed by the exclamation OHHHHH!
A-That is one large sandwich.
B-Your Mom is a large sandwich
Surrounding Audience-OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
by LBW23B July 26, 2005
Possibly the most idiotic, uncreative insult ever. It's similar to a "yo mama joke", but a your mom joke is even more retarded. It's usually used by morons and idiots who can't come up with a decent comeback or insult. Another annoying thing is when a dumbass says a "your mom" insult, another dumbass (often a random douchebag that has nothing to do with the situation, but decides to butt in) will say something like "OHHHHHHHH!!!" or "You just got burned!!!".
(guy 1 pushes guy 2)
guy 2: What the Hell you, pushed me you motherfucking, piece of shit, cock sucking, ass-faced, douchebag!
guy 1: Well ummmm, I pushed your mom if you know what I mean!
random idiot: OHHHHHHH!!! You got burned!!!
guy 2: That was a shitty comeback
guy 1: Your mom is a shitty comeback!
random idiot: OHHHHHHHH!!! Burned again!!!
(guy 2 kicks the shit out of guy 1 and random idiot for being annoying and retarded)
by Valintino the Big Surpremo August 25, 2010
when theres a perfect chance to rip into some one infront of his friends
big jock-"hey, im gonno bang your head against the wall, cause im a big stupid jock"

defensless little guy-"and ill bang your mom so hard up the ass that ill knock her teeth out"
by your mom July 11, 2003
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