The last desperate resort to save what's left of your saggy public image, in an obviously lost verbal or written argument.
"Your a fat pig who likes to masterbate in his own sweat, i even caught you masterbating, you cant deny it anymore."
-"Yeah your mom."
by Anonymous April 20, 2003
the most effective phrase to piss someone off.
someguy:thats dumb.
me:your mom is dumb.
someguy:you are juvinile and ugly.
me:your mom is juvinile and ugly.
someguy:uuugg...goddammit *head explodes*
by satanic ninja January 28, 2004
"your mom" tries to make the victim believe that the attacker is acquainted with the victim's mother.
Victim: I can't seem to get this to function properly.
Attacker: I can't seem to get your mom to function properly.
by Peter March 13, 2004
When inserted into a generic sentence, this is guaranteed to add a hearty portion of sexual innuendo.
1. Nerd: "Stop, you guys!"
Jock: "That's not what your mom said last night!"

2. Repairman: "The TV needs to be turned on first."
You: "I think your mom needs to be turned on first."
by Derrick March 03, 2005
An overused phrase (much like your mom), especially in jokes, or heated conversation. Also serves as a mark of stupidity when you can't come up with anything else to say.
Person One: Well that sucks...
Person Two: That's what your mom said last night..
by Yoor Mom May 03, 2003
Who I was doing.
Police: What were you doing last night
Suspect: Your mom! *SLAP!* OW!

As you can see, not a wise choice unless you are sitting on the other end of an online chat, like me.
by Guy who did your mom March 11, 2004
The new "the dog ate me homeowork"
Teacher: and what exactly happened to your homework this time?
You: you're mom happened

by Emily Weaver May 08, 2005

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