What I did last night
Guy 1 - Yo, what did you do last night

Me - erm, your mom

by LaydeeLozza August 24, 2008
what people say because they are to damn stupid to think of anything else...
person 1: dude i just walked into a wall...
person 2: your so damn stupid...
person 1: YOUR MOM!
by Homey wiz focizal February 27, 2008
a. an easy lay

b. ugly, yet still a complete ho bag
Like Schlotzsky's Deli, --- quick, cheap, and easy...

Like 7-11, except your mom IS always doing buisness
by leplen February 21, 2008
A phrase employed as a last ditch effort to save yourself in an arguement, avoid work, insult someone or simply when you have nothing else better to say.
Alex, did you do the rest of our very important project that's due today?


You DIDN'T do it?! I can't believe how irisponsible you are!

I didn't do the project, but I did do your mom.
by DJ Silly Hat December 20, 2007
Something That Can be Said To Answer Any Question And Sometimes Can be Very Funny.
"Hey Dude, What Were You Doing Last Night?"

"Your Mom"
by i'm hungry! September 01, 2007
Aphrase which, if used correctly, can be a highly amusing insult. Often used as a come back but can sometimes just be used for the sake of it. It is not a good idea to use it on one of your siblings though as can back fire very easily.
E.G 1
Teacher: John tell me a vital condition needed for successful fractional distillation.

John: Ermm.. Your Mom!

Jack: You suck
John: I suck your mom

E.G 2
John: Hey, Jack!
Jack: What!
John: Your mom!
Jack: What the fuck!
John: Your mom.
Jack: Fuck You
John: Fuck your mom
Jack: Leave me alone
John: Only if you leave your mom alone

E.g 3 (At a job interview)

Interviewer: So john what is your main interest
John: Well i am going to have to say...ermm... Your mom

John: OMG! You'll never guess what hapened to me yesterday!
Jack: What!
John: Your mom!
Passer By: OOH OOH You got owned!!
by Ashphamy Evans August 21, 2007
a funny answer to any question, and i mean any question. best used to really piss someone off and possibly fight you if they get pissed enough.
Guy1: is your mom wearing tye dye again? she looks like a fuckin rainbow.

you: that reminds me tell your mom not to run rainbow colored lipstick, everytime she blows me she calls me skittles.

random dude: oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh snap
by Jay Keast May 06, 2007

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