A phrase used when you don't know or want to answer a question, to be a complete asshole, to try to be funny when you're really not, or just feel like using it. Sometimes people in the background add the "OHHHHH" sound effect as well, depending on the situation.
Example 1
Dude: "Yeah so what's the homework tonight?"
Dude 1: "Your mom, bitch"
by Viagra Bread May 22, 2008
words used when ever there is an awkward silence.. something to just say randomly and rarely makes sense..
kid 1: hey sup
kid 2: your mom
kid3: hey my names bob nice to meet you!
kid 4: your mom
kid 5: YOUR MOM!
The reason Mick Jagger can't get no satisfaction
Your mom is the reason I can't get no satisfaction
by Cairnage January 14, 2010
1)The answer to every question that I ask anyone at my high school. Often said by either a) people who think it's fucking hilarious b) people who think it's fucking hilarious to make fun of people who think it's fucking hilarious, or c) people who are telling you to fuck off.
2) The person who gave birth to you. But not me.
1) (when I was a freshman noob)
Me: Hey, upperclassman senior man, could you please tell me where the bathroom is?
Upperclassman who think's he's fucking hilarious: Yeah, it's over near your mom. Fucking freshmen. (goes off to laugh with his senior freinds about how hilarious freshmen are)

2) I heard your mom was diagnosed with cancer the other day. Sure glad she's not my mom!
by noonsun November 30, 2008
The ultimate insult of ones mother... It is played carefully into a trap, also used as an anti-dis to the persons you are speaking to. Your mom can be used in such ways listed as examples in Italics.

Almost any string of sentance can relate to a "Your mom" based statement, or insult.
Knock, knock, Whos there? Your mom

And now for the grand finale! Your moms a grand finale...

Guess what? What? YOUR MOM!

Whats the difference between pig shit and an antelope? I dont know... what? Your mom

Who's that hot looking chick over there? Your mom

Guy over there: ?
Some Kid: YOUR MOM!
Guy over there: My mom? MY MOM!?!?!? NO SON, YOUR MOM!!!!!!!

by Ghesh August 02, 2006
The saying that is to insult one acording to the status of ones mother. Can be related to anyone or anything. Rediculously halrious when taken offencive to, or ment to be offencive.
your mom goes to collage, thats what your mom said, ya ill take it to your mom, your mom is a door, etc
by Big K Lovin ... Word January 10, 2005
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