a word spit out at any given time or place when someone (most likely a complete idiot) has absolutely no idea what to say
Hilary: Have you beeen havin a affair?!
Bill: uhh...
Hilary: Tell me! Who have you been doin stuff with lately?
by michael jackson November 21, 2003
A saying used in foolish response to any question or statement. A form of comic relief made by a teenage male at the lunch table or in the middle of english class. Can be added to any statement for comical effect.
..so today class we will be discussing Shakespeares entire works.....

Guy: Hey man, do you have your notes from yesterday?
Guy 2: Nope...i left them with YOUR MOM last night.

Girl: Hey what did you decide to do about that project you didnt turn in
Idiotic Guy: uh. ....YOUR MOM!
by brent April 19, 2005
a general term, thrown out when you have no idea what someone is saying or just have no reply.
jim:hey ron, what are they having for lunch in the cafeteria.
ron:hmmmm,i dont know...a big side of
"your mom".
jim:fuck you dude
ron:like i did "your mom"
by the ron August 06, 2004
A comeback, way of saying hello/bye, the all around best insult ever although to many not insulting.
Billy: Hey fred ur gay!
Joe: Your mom!
Billy: Joe... my mom's dead.
Joe: That's the way I like 'em!
by benopian January 25, 2004
a cut down used when one person realizes that they have been cut down and dont have anythig good to say.
smart: hey dude why dont you go to the doctor and ask him to find a ghostly outline of where your balls used to be and have him put some new ones on

retard: oh yeah well..... YOUR MOM
by cumshot22 April 15, 2003
two words often put together for when some one asks you a gay or obvious question, or just for fun you can say it after everything some one says and really piss them off. Or just to burn some one. and you need to say OH! or BURN!!!! or somthing gay like that.
gay guy: your so asian
cool guy: your moms so asian
random guy: ASIAN!!! HA!!!! ASIAN!!!!

gay guy: lets play a game
cool guy: lets play your mom
random guy: OH!!!!!

gay guy: you suck
cool guy: your mom sucks... MY BALLS!!!!!
random guy: pwn3d!!

gay guy: what do you wanna do today?
cool guy: your mom
random guy: HAHA HE BURNED YOU FOOL!!!!! FUCK YOU!!!
#funny #retarded #sexual #orgy #cheap #ladle
by The Random guy April 07, 2006
A source of great sexual pleasure and gratification.
Holy cow, i'm horny. Hey Phil, where is your mom at?
by mastamike January 09, 2004
A great response that can be used in 99% of argumentative situations.
John: Fuck you
Me: I fucked your mom

John: Your a dick
Me: Your mom doesn't mind

John: Get off my nuts dude
Me: I'm just getting you back because your mom wouldn't get off mine.

John: I'm gonna beat your ass dude.
Me: Just like I beat your mom's pussy?
#insult #argue #fight #mother #mom #mama #yo mama #your mother #yo mom #your mama #yo motha #your mum #your ma
by The Blanester88 November 04, 2007
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