a word spit out at any given time or place when someone (most likely a complete idiot) has absolutely no idea what to say
Hilary: Have you beeen havin a affair?!
Bill: uhh...
Hilary: Tell me! Who have you been doin stuff with lately?
by michael jackson November 21, 2003
A phrase spurted out during a heated conversation. Usually has no meaning. Considered by many as a whole-hearted sentence of superiority in chat-rooms, or in an MSN Instant Messaging conversation. Generally a brainless statement.
Asshead says:
I h8 u

Asshead says:
dont tok 2 meh

Asshead says:
your mom
by Bastardized Bottomburp March 18, 2003
During an argument, one can use Your Mom! to turn the tide in his/her favor. Used only when you know that you can't possibly win the fight with an actual reply. Also note that your oppenent can cancel Your Mom by repeating it after you.
Todd:...And that's why I'm right, Chris.
Chris: Yeah...but...your mom! Oh! It's on!
Todd: Oh yeah? Your mom too! Burn!
Chris: What? No, you can't do that! NOOOO!
by SgtSalad November 06, 2005
the hottest slut EVAH
person 1: man, I wanna do your mom
person 2: ...
person 1: *gets punched in face*
by klanci and n0ob October 25, 2005
The lamest possible come back known to mankind. Generally used by the people who are of lesser intelligence and cannot think of anything else.
Bob: I hate you, Tim.
Tim: Your Mom!!!! (In a high-pitched Squeal)
Bob: I've heard better come backs from a turkey sandwhich.
by My name is Neo. December 19, 2004
a big fat whore who likes to have sex with pigeons and other small mamals
i had sex with your mom last night...it was LAME
by traciesasexyegg April 23, 2005
your mom

The insult to end all insults
Person 1: Your ugly

Person 2: Well your mom is ugly

Person 1: Your a fat farm animal

Person 2: Well your mom's a fat farm animal

Random guy: OHHHH diss!

Guy at Staples: Is it really that bright in here? (commenting about me wearing sunglasses)

Me: Your Mom

True Story
by DizzyLizzy June 19, 2006
A term in which alot of fags say who think they are the better come-backer. Usually is followed by the fags friends scream "ohhhh!!!!"
Dude: Man you wanna go bitch lets see you fucking hit me fool, ill kick your ass
Fag: yeah well your mom!
Dude: ......wtf?
Fag Friend: OHHHHHH!!!!!!
by blackmage53 December 09, 2004

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