A phrase used when somebody doesn't know any good comebacks.

Also used as part of a joke

The woman who gave birth to you
Person1: You're so gay
Person2: Your mom

Your mom's so fat she stepped in the ocean and said 'Who put this puddle here?'

Person: I'd like you to meet your mom, Casie
by Stepheli November 10, 2005
Said when one has nothing else to say, or in reply to the questions "What are you doing?" And "What do you want to do?"
"Shut the F#$@ up Phil"
"Yeah, well, uh, YOUR MOM!"
by The Masked Olive Eater February 02, 2003
another word used to diss the other person. Usually its useless.
kid #1: your fat loser
kid #2: your mom is fat
kid #3: lol luzer
by Mr.Fatass March 19, 2006
A cult within the confines of Key West that brings death and destruction to little bunnies and preps. A gothic group, we rule supreme. Now, Kwy West High School...next the world!!!
YM: For we are all in your mom.
by Voodoo February 25, 2005
A normal response when a person is unable to come up with an intelligent comeback. Usually used by those with little or no imagination.
Guy 1: I need to get my car checked out.
Guy 2: I checked your mom out.
by AnnoyoedWithMommaJokes October 25, 2004
A phrase often used by townies as an insult. This is because they don't have the brain power to think up anything better then these two simple words (its a surprise they even remember that!) Commonly used by boys in pretence that they shagged your mom last night.
person 1: You stupid piece of shit,why the fuck did you do that?
townie 1: Your mom
by jaffacakes April 28, 2004
First of all, its YO MAMA as in...
Man, youre ugly
Yeah? Well Sos ya mama!
by tgrsbabe88 April 22, 2004
The American version of the insult used as a retoric when all other insults have:
a) Been used in the last sentance
b) Escaped your mind
c) Can't be used because your mummy won't let you sy them.
*&^% you you muther (*^%er. I'll beat your shit ass into a ^%$&er pie

Your MUM.
by Robert Manganaro March 16, 2004

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