A phrase used when somebody doesn't know any good comebacks.

Also used as part of a joke

The woman who gave birth to you
Person1: You're so gay
Person2: Your mom

Your mom's so fat she stepped in the ocean and said 'Who put this puddle here?'

Person: I'd like you to meet your mom, Casie
by Stepheli November 10, 2005
an answer every teenage guy gives from gr 9 on to gr 10 to any question or insult
Me: marius, you're gay.
Marius: you're gay.
Me: your mom's gay.
Marius: your mom's gay.

note: marius is not gr 9, he just never passed the your mom phase
by CapPatrat November 09, 2005
a moral answer for any question, whether or not it makes sense.
where are we going? your mom!
by Yerr Maam June 24, 2005
Lame insult.

Often a response used when you don't feel like giving a logical response.
Who's afraid of the big fat wolf?

What did you do last Saturday?
Your Mom.

by Cooler than you March 16, 2005
The one that gives birth, target of many urmom jokes.
urmomma so ugly that she got arrested for mooning when she looked out the window.
by Ninja Monkey July 02, 2003
A phrase most often used by wiggers/wangstas and people in chatrooms. It is only used as the last desperate attempt to win an argument, although it really doesn't have any meaning whatsoever.
Wangsta 1: I hate your ass!
Wangsta 2: You're a stupid piece of shit!
Wangsta 1: Shut up jackass!
Wangsta 2: Your Mom!
by Anonymous June 26, 2003
Two words that usually point to a mother- probably of the person that is being talked to.
However, it is also an insult- used randomly if you're not paying attention and want onlookers to have a laugh at your opponent's confusion.
"I can play an octave higher than you!"
"Well I can play two notes LOWER than you!"
"...two notes..?"
"Yeah...well...YOUR MOM!"
*looks confused*
onlookersHAHAHA (point and throw rocks)
by carroty queen June 15, 2003
an insult to your mom usually used as a comback to other insults
-your a dick
-your mom
by yo momma June 07, 2003
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