A useless insult used when losing an arguement (see: "can-you-get-out-of-my-library", and "schoolpolicy")
Max: "your gay"
Josh: "yourmum's gay"
by Josh March 13, 2003
An insult used by townies and rejects, their mother is usually an alcoholic on crack and addicted to cough drops.
Person 1. You faggot!
Person 2. Err...Umm...Well, your mum!
by Hado-Ken July 13, 2004
A poor insult usually used by someone of limited intelligence as an insult.
See trev
Person A: You are an unintelligent troglodyte
Person B: Well...Your Mum!
by Munk July 23, 2003
A response to a question when someone:
-doesn't know the anwser
-is trying to be rude
-doesnt know the anwser
-doesn't want to tell the asker the anwser
what time is it?

your mum
by slaaaaaaaag November 29, 2007
1) Used in the form of an insult
"Get a mum"
"When they have a bring your pet to school say, you can bring your mum"
"Your Mum"
by [Cyber Pirate] February 07, 2007
an extremely stupid insult by people with a small vocabulary and limited IQ. can be funny in rare occasions.
sped: man what the hell is that funky smell
slightly funn sped: your mum

sped: what long and hard and full of sea men
slightly funny sped: your mum
by Metal Head666 November 26, 2005
Stupid insult which townies say to get a kick out of life.
Person: You faggot
Townie: Oh yeah? Your MUM!
Person: Okay yes My Mum what about my mum?
Townie: Your Mum thats what its about
Person: Your an Idiot
*Townie runs off crying*
by Owner of your souls March 15, 2004
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