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An insult used by townies and rejects, their mother is usually an alcoholic on crack and addicted to cough drops.
Person 1. You faggot!
Person 2. Err...Umm...Well, your mum!
by Hado-Ken July 13, 2004
A poor insult usually used by someone of limited intelligence as an insult.
See trev
Person A: You are an unintelligent troglodyte
Person B: Well...Your Mum!
by Munk July 23, 2003
A response to a question when someone:
-doesn't know the anwser
-is trying to be rude
-doesnt know the anwser
-doesn't want to tell the asker the anwser
what time is it?

your mum
by slaaaaaaaag November 29, 2007
1) Used in the form of an insult
"Get a mum"
"When they have a bring your pet to school say, you can bring your mum"
"Your Mum"
by [Cyber Pirate] February 07, 2007
an extremely stupid insult by people with a small vocabulary and limited IQ. can be funny in rare occasions.
sped: man what the hell is that funky smell
slightly funn sped: your mum

sped: what long and hard and full of sea men
slightly funny sped: your mum
by Metal Head666 November 26, 2005
Stupid insult which townies say to get a kick out of life.
Person: You faggot
Townie: Oh yeah? Your MUM!
Person: Okay yes My Mum what about my mum?
Townie: Your Mum thats what its about
Person: Your an Idiot
*Townie runs off crying*
by Owner of your souls March 15, 2004
speaking of mums i boned jonny b's mum last nite it was great but her minge is as wide as a bucket, anyway ive got to shag a mum in russia so moscow
by Derek Mclellan May 12, 2003