a simple and effective way to end an argument and often confusing
them: u are such a fat ugly bastard
you: well yeh, YA MUM!!
by kRyStLe July 13, 2003
A well-known woman that every other person on Earth seems to have fucked in some unwholesome matter at one time or another; especially on Xbox Live.
"Who's the slut in the pink boob tube?"
"Your mum."
by Project 571 March 08, 2013
An absolute slag. Also under the definition list for fat whore.
I got jiggy with your mum last night.


I got jiggy with an absolute slag last night.
by dututtyyy October 17, 2006
a phrase used by skallywags to cheek anyone about anything
ye wicked bo!, my cars is bad boy racer action on the 7, not like yours, yours is like YOUR-MUM!!
by jef April 23, 2004
A typical childish insult from teenagers 11-16. Sometimes, because they've got nothing else to say, or because they think it makes them look 'big'
E.G. 1:

Jenny: *Yawn*

Shane: You tired?

Jenny: Yeah.. a bit.

Shane: Well your mum wasn't tired in bed last night!

E.G. 2:

Jenny: You're so childish!

Shane: No I'm not, you motherfucking whore.

Jenny: Prove it then, cuntfaced frog featured toadostical moronized mong penguin tatoo moose!!!!

Shane: ...Ok? Go fuck your mum, slut.
by Mongifed June 12, 2008
A comeback that can be funny if you use it at the right time, but not funny if you overuse it.
Good example:
Antonio: Who's doing cork? (For geography project)
Georgia: You mum is!
Mary: Is your dad's name cork?


Bad example:
Person 1: Hey, you penis is so small you can hardly see it!
Person 2: Your mum.

Not funny :|
by Georgia--xo-- September 02, 2007
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