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as described above by almost everyone else.
You all missed the best use of 'Your Mum'

I use it on my kids.

DONT think about it for too long...Your head may explode
by Dusty Munchkin February 13, 2010
A moment of utter annoyance.
Oh Your Mum, I just farted and followed through.
by Jacobus Driver December 18, 2008
The only insult to not only insult someone to fuck but also make you laugh because it is so old school
'Hey, did you make that smell'
'Your mum smells'
by ©™ October 15, 2003
A term used to answer/retaliate to any question or insult thrown at you.
Do you think Gordon Brown is a good enough leader for Britain?

...your mum.

I swear you are as ugly as you are fat.

...your mum.
by I dont know who killed him. November 03, 2009
A well-known woman that every other person on Earth seems to have fucked in some unwholesome matter at one time or another; especially on Xbox Live.
"Who's the slut in the pink boob tube?"
"Your mum."
by Project 571 March 08, 2013
The best phrase/come back/retort/saying etc that anyone on the earth can say.
it's simple and easy to remember.
It never gets old and is always funny in nearly all contexts
Hey wat u doin?
your mum.

are u free on friday?
your mum is free on friday.

wat dya want 4 breakfast?
your mum

y r u so l8?
your mums l8.

y are u sayin 'your mum' all the time?
cos of your mum
by mistercooool July 27, 2009
a simple and effective way to end an argument and often confusing
them: u are such a fat ugly bastard
you: well yeh, YA MUM!!
by kRyStLe July 13, 2003