part one of the greatest insult ever created
your mum touches kids
by eadipus February 29, 2004
An insult or comeback which is particularly useful to use on your ginger "friend" (especially one who denys that they are ginger - remember: there is no such colour as "strawberry blond"). This will make him whine like the little bitch on a period that he is.
Brucie: I'm not ginger

Gav: yes you are
Brucie: my parents are not ginger either
Gav: your mum colours her hair
Brucie: what? how do you know?
Gav: saw her minge last night
Brucie: WHAT?
Gav: yep.... Her minge was as orange as a cheesy Dorito. And more cheesy
Brucie: you cunt!
by I banged Brucie's mum September 15, 2012
1. The person who gave birth to you. That is unless you: are a clone, a testube baby, a beaker baby, have homosexual parents.
2. An insult of the highest order that can be used for any comeback you can think of.
Bob: "You're a fag Bill, a FAG!"
Bill: "Your mum!"

by PotatoChip May 23, 2003
Something you can say:

1. Just for the plain the hell of it
2. To answer questions you can't be fucked answering
3. To answer questions you don't want to answer

Another version of your mum is 'your mom'. But I'm Australian soo yeah.
Example 1
*awkward silence*
Me: Your mum.

Example 2
Marie: What's the answer for question 14?
Me: Your mum.

Example 3
Marie: Who do you have a crush on?
Me: Your mum.
by Your mum. :D October 23, 2008
An insult commonly (mis)used in todays society.
Boy 1: "Your Mum!"

Boy 2: "She's your mum too idiot."
Boy 1: "................." "Well your dad then"
by Slanted view September 25, 2009
'Your mum' is a cuss originating presumably from one of the many ghettos in the UK. Mainly used by chavs, it is a comeback to an insult that cannot be beaten in any other way. Also used as an answer to almost any question, it is one of the most universal cuss downs of the twenty first century as of yet.
Initiating insult:'Shut up you ignoramus.'
Comeback:'Why don't you tell your mum to shut up!'


(someone pointing at a hippo in a zoo)Q:'What's that?'
A:'Your mum!'
by GEJH October 17, 2006
as described above by almost everyone else.
You all missed the best use of 'Your Mum'

I use it on my kids.

DONT think about it for too long...Your head may explode
by Dusty Munchkin February 13, 2010

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