Two words that usually point to a mother- probably of the person that is being talked to.
However, it is also an insult- used randomly if you're not paying attention and want onlookers to have a laugh at your opponent's confusion.
"I can play an octave higher than you!"
"Well I can play two notes LOWER than you!"
"...two notes..?"
"Yeah...well...YOUR MOM!"
*looks confused*
onlookersHAHAHA (point and throw rocks)
by carroty queen June 15, 2003
an insult to your mom usually used as a comback to other insults
-your a dick
-your mom
by yo momma June 07, 2003
a phrase one uses as an insult to some one.
"you are a bitch"
"your mom!"
by biotch#452 June 05, 2003
"I saw you cum out of that park washroom and I know what goes down there, gypsy homo," says friend one.
"If anything goes down there it's your mom."
"Oh yeah and your mom is a fag hag by the way."
by the beast April 23, 2003
Said when one has nothing else to say, or in reply to the questions "What are you doing?" And "What do you want to do?"
"Shut the F#$@ up Phil"
"Yeah, well, uh, YOUR MOM!"
by The Masked Olive Eater February 02, 2003
another word used to diss the other person. Usually its useless.
kid #1: your fat loser
kid #2: your mom is fat
kid #3: lol luzer
by Mr.Fatass March 19, 2006
A cult within the confines of Key West that brings death and destruction to little bunnies and preps. A gothic group, we rule supreme. Now, Kwy West High the world!!!
YM: For we are all in your mom.
by Voodoo February 25, 2005

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