1)The answer to every question that I ask anyone at my high school. Often said by either a) people who think it's fucking hilarious b) people who think it's fucking hilarious to make fun of people who think it's fucking hilarious, or c) people who are telling you to fuck off.
2) The person who gave birth to you. But not me.
1) (when I was a freshman noob)
Me: Hey, upperclassman senior man, could you please tell me where the bathroom is?
Upperclassman who think's he's fucking hilarious: Yeah, it's over near your mom. Fucking freshmen. (goes off to laugh with his senior freinds about how hilarious freshmen are)

2) I heard your mom was diagnosed with cancer the other day. Sure glad she's not my mom!
by noonsun November 30, 2008
Top Definition
what u say in responce to any question
your mom : so what did u do today?
you : your mom

jen: so what r we doin 2day in french?
me: your mom!
by your mom March 29, 2003
A phrase used when you have absolutely no idea how to answer a question, or piss someone off. Highly recommended phrase to be used during business meetings.
Important Guy: "Mr. Smith, how long do you think the proposal will take?"

You: about as long as your mom
by Ginza October 24, 2003
an abstract concept loosely affiliated with notions of the intended audience's maternal figure.

normally expressed as an intended slight on said maternal figure. often serves as indication of the end of a conversation.
X: That is one very fat farm animal.
Y: You're a fat farm animal.
X: I'll show you a fat farm animal.
Y: Your mom is a fat farm animal.
by BvO April 22, 2003
The way to answer a question when you're bored.
"Timmy, what is the world's largest continent?"
"Your mom."
"Hey, what are you doing this weekend?"
"Your mom."
"Hey, who do you plan on making pseudo-sexual comments about?"
"Your mom."
by Silly August 16, 2004
The thing annoying retards say when they think they're cool, or what they say when they don't feel like answering a question (usually followed by a high pitched voice screaming OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH)
Guy: Duuuuude, hahahahaha, I watched a movie
Guy#2: I watched your MOM

Dude: What'd u have for lunch
Dude#2: YOUR MOM!!!!
by Truth Speaker May 01, 2004
1.an insult
2.an answer to any question,
3.my alter-ego on the internet.
4.best type of joke/insult ever.

also used for yelling at people on TV when they ask obvious questions.
Random person: That bag is ugly.
Me: Your mom is ugly.

Random person:What is that thing on your face?
Me:Your mom.

Internet person: Who are you?
Me: Your mom.

Your mom is so stupid, she thinks fruit punch is a gay boxer!
by Aya-kun August 11, 2004
Term used when you can't think of anything else to say. Usually funny, although some people find it offenesive. It usually doesn't make any sense.
Bob: What are you doing?
Fred: Your mom.
Idiotic random guy: SNAAAP!

Bob: ...And what do you have to say to that Fred?
Fred: Uhhh...YOUR MOM!

Bob: What are you doing?
Fred: Your mom! *snickers*
Bob: Dude, that's getting old.
Fred: Oh yeah, so is your mom.
Bob: ...
Idiotic random guy: OOHHH! YOU'VE JUST BEEN TOLD!!

Me: Your mom goes to college.
by Brogan June 26, 2005
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