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The last thing to be said before one leaves or exits for what may be the final time; famous last words.
IE: If you are radio DJ's leaving work on Friday not knowing if you will be back because one of your on air contests went awry in a Church, the last thing they say as their shift ends is, "Your mom's box."
by Grizzly April 21, 2003
the last thing that psycho mark, opie and anthony said before they got taken off the air in NY
by Anonymous April 21, 2003
the last words of Opie and Anthony when they signed off of terrestrial radio for the last time.
Opie,Anthony and Little Jimmy Norton ended the show by saying "Your Mom's Box"
by Pest April 06, 2006
a phase commonly spoken before a radio show ends, signifying that they may not be heard the next day.
oh, yea, and your moms box. (cue closing song)
by SatCam April 15, 2004
your mothers vagina
yer moms box was all plugged up with cobwebs last night dude, I had to surf the hershey highway wit da bitch.
by Mike W. January 21, 2003
what everyone gets at your sleepover
we all got some of your mom's ponani at you sleepover last weekend also known as your mom's box
by your mom's bed buddy April 19, 2009
The dank, smelly cavern that you came from. The parcel in which your mother keeps her vagina.
Dude #1: "Hey man, what's that smell?"
Dude #2: "Yeah it smells like rotting sea food or something."
Dude #3: "It must be your mom's box"
by emmaomao January 08, 2010
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