The most retarded insult ever, said by the character Kip in the movie Napoleon Dynamite(2004).
Deb: "Is there anyone else here? I'm trying to earn money for college."
Kip: (In the background) "Your mom goes to college!"
by Fluffyinsanity January 12, 2005
you guys are retarded kip did not start it, its from the ages of when college was made for younger ppls, and if your mom or parent was in college it ment she was retarded and couldn't get out. However now a days older ppl are free to join colleges so its whole burn factor is gone.
idiot 1: your mom goes to college!
kool kid: ya i know she's getting her PHd.
idiot 2: i wish my mom was smart.
idiot 1: ya maybe then you could come up with a burn.
by CCFHKCBK September 04, 2008
Ive been thinking about this and i believe this is the actual diss behind the phrase, Strippers say they are saving money to go to college so i think its basically saying ure moms a stripper because she supposedly "going to college", i dont know tho
Frank: "Hey, what the fuck are you doing in my fridge?"

Puppychow: "Shut up Frank, your mom goes to college!"
by Osamaurmama12 February 26, 2009
well, my grandmother really did go to college... is that bad?
I came to looking for the meaning behind this insult, and no one knows, making it the most retarded insult, ever.
by brooksie March 21, 2005
Your mom goes to college is the best retort, known to the history of MAN. O:

Kip was all "YOUR MOM GOES TO COLLEGE" to Deb, who was trying to raise money for college. So the masses overused the greatest line. ]]]:<
Person 1: You're fat.
Person 2: Your mom's fat.
by nora the explora April 06, 2005
TRUE DEFINITION: Meaning that your mom is basically a whore and its calling her one. Get it? Your moms still in college cause she had you when she was 14! A very good insult because most people don't understand it but your still saying it without say anything very inapropriate or bad.
Your moms such a whore shes still going to college.
Your mom goes to college.
by PPheldam March 22, 2006

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