An pathetic insult used by people who can't think of anything better to say and are very bad at grammar and say "your" instead of "you're" when appropriate.
Bob: Hey dude what's happening?
Chris: Fuck off
Bob: What have I done?!
Chris: Your gay!
Bob: Shut the hell up you retarded fuckfaced pussy unclefucking douchebag turd burglar!!!
Chris: Um... your gay.
by Lornapie July 04, 2005
Top Definition
A gay that belongs to you.
Your gay is really gay.
by Lee Ji Hoon August 10, 2007
A bastardization of you're gay, used primarily by 'net denizens of average or lower intellect and a poor grasp of the english language. May also be used in the literal sense, similar to the first-person usage "My gay", or third-person "His/her gay".
<StAiNdRulez88>your gay
<lesslamescreenname>I have a gay? When did I acquire one of those?
by N III June 01, 2007
A pejorative phrase used by people who are:

a) homophobes.

b) ignorant of homophones (words with the same pronunciation but different writings/ meanings).
Idiot: "Your gay."
Gay: "I know, but YOU'RE an idiot."
by 9ausi December 04, 2013
A simple solution to turn any argument in your favour.
Person 1: "Berlin is the capital of France."
Person 2: "No, Paris is."
Person 1: "I'm sure it's Berlin."
Person 2: "Look in this encylopae..."
Person 1: "your gay"
by gaylord! July 17, 2009
A derogatory term using the word "gay" to mean something bad. This is normaly used by people who are uneducated or people who think that being gay (or homosexual) is a bad thing. Normaly saying "your gay" means you are stupid. This is highly incorrect because being homosexual is not stupid or a bad thing. This can also be used in other forms such as "thats gay", "why are you so gay" or "stop being so gay." These are incorrect uses of the word gay.
"Did you see her shirt?"
"Yeah, it's so gay!"
by Amanda March 18, 2005
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